• EuPA continues the initiative to provide travel grants to young scientists as a support to attend Annual Conferences of National Proteomics Societies.

    Please take into consideration that 10 travel grants up to € 500,00 are available for the next Annual EuPA Conference 2019-Proteomics Forum 2019.

    Applicants must meet the following requirements:

    (i)                 PhD/Master degree ≤ 7 years

    (ii)               individual member of a EuPA Associated Society

    (iii)             completed registration for the  Conference

    (iv)             submission of an abstract for the Conference

    Participants from Societies other than the local organizers will be receive priority. Awardees will be identified by EuPA Education Committee.

    Deadline for application is January 15th 2019 (EUPA2019 Homepage).
    Applications should be sent to the EuPA Secretary, Dr. Viviana Greco (

    Travel cost receipts and certificates of attendance at the Conference/Workshop(s) are needed in order to document and justify the final grant payments.


  • The EuPA Young Proteomics Investigator Club offers several activities including the YPIC challenge


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    Proteomics Academy


  • Google group on proteomics bioinformatics

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